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Tip #4:Classroom Assessment Techniques
Fall 2005

It's soon time to give students feedback about their performance in your class. Assessment doesn't always need to be time-consuming or formal. These easy-to-use classroom assessment techniques (CATs) provide immediate feedback for students and instructors and can be used throughout the semester.

Knowledge Demonstrations
Have students demonstrate their knowledge of a topic by doing a simple task during class time. They could do a demonstration, or answer a simple questionnaire with a partner or individually.

Quick Responses
Give students 2 to 3 minutes to briefly respond in writing to two questions:
• What was the most important point you learned in this critique, lecture, demonstration, discussion, video or homework assignment?
• What remains unclear for you?

Students answer these questions at the beginning of class to review previously covered material, or at the end of class to summarize material presented that day.

Have students write down at least one possible, real-world application for something they have just learned. Encourage them to come up with their own applications, rather than repeating applications previously stated during class.

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