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First Day Student Questionnaire

You need to have contact information for your students.
Most teachers also like to have something written from each student that they can take home and study before the next class. In designing a first day questionnaire, think about what you most want to know about your students. Keep it short and be sure to give students enough time to fill it out in class. Non native speakers of English, in particular can get intimidated by what they might perceive as a huge in-class writing assignment on the first day of class.

Here is an example of a first day questionnaire which should take about 10 minutes to fill out:

First Day Questionnaire

Course Name and Section Number ______________________________
Welcome to the class! Please provide the following contact information. Thank You!
Name _____________________________________________________________________
What do you want me to call you in class? _______________________________________
Phone ____________________________________________________________________
Email _____________________________________________________________________
Your major ________________________________________________________________
Why did you choose this major? ________________________________________________
Are you an international student?_____
Would you like ESL support in this class?_______
What EAP classes have you completed ? _______
What EAP class are you currently taking? _______ EAP teacher's name _________________
What other classes are you taking this semester? __________________________________
What has been your favorite class since you have been at the Academy of Art University? Why?

You can download and edit the Microsoft Word version of the First Day Questionnaire.

Teachers of first semester classes may also want to add questions like the following:

  • Have you been to college before now? If so what classes did you take?
  • Have you ever studied art before? Describe your experience.

Teachers of a course that should be taken in a series (for example, Typography 3 might ask:

  • When did you complete the following courses?
  • Typography 1 semester: grade:
  • Typography 2 semester: grade: