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Students We Worry About

Our first Faculty Chat topic is on “Students We Worry About”. Share your experiences and ideas with other faculty members. We will start the chat with a featured instructor who has a great deal of experience on this topic. Join us, Friday, September 30, 2016 at 11:20-11:50AM.

Special Guest: Penny Hondrogen

Penny is an online instructor and academic coach with the Online Academic Support team. She has taught classes to art students at-risk of failing out of the Academy, and to International students who are trying to make sense of American college culture. Penny has a master’s degree from San Francisco State University in TEFL.

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Thank you to those who attended the Fall 2016 Teaching EXPO conferences! Handouts and recordings will be made available in the link below as we get them from presenters. See you at the next conference in January!

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Upcoming Events

9/26-10/10 - Progress Grading Period 1

10/11 - How to Adjust Industry
           Presentations for Students-
10/17-31 - Midterm Grading Period
10/20 - Faculty Chat Series
10/31 - The 5 Components of Effective

10/31-11/4 - Book Group Meeting
11/11 - Faculty Chat Series
11/14-28 - Progress Grading Period 2
11/22 - How to Handle Challenging
            Behaviors and Classroom Crises
11/24-27 - Thanksgiving Holiday:
            No Classes

12/5-24 - Final Grading Period
12/8 - Faculty Chat Series
12/17 - Last Day of Classes