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Archived Teaching Tips

A Second Chance to Make a First Impression
A Time for Student Reflection
Acknowledging Controversial Current Events in the Classroom
ARCS for Motivation
Aha! & Huh? Moments in Student Thinking
Asking Engaging Questions
Attitude Alchemy
Avoiding Grade Disputes
Avoiding Grade Inflation
Becoming a Professional Through Language
Beyond Words: Rethinking Your Presentation
Big Questions
Bridging the Disconnect: From Research to Final Project
Checking in with Your Students
Checking in with Students: How am I doing?
Checklist for the End of the Semester
Classroom Authority: Striking a Balance
Collaborative Critique
Connecting with Students Early
Creating Reasons for Students to Arrive On Time
Dealing with Plagiarism
Designing Assessment to Yield Good Learning
Digital Tools
Discussing World Events and Handling Hot Topics
Diving for Pearls
Easing Student Stress
Effectively Using ESL Support
Embracing Mistakes vs. Grading Mistakes
End of the Semester Reflection
Engaging & Re-Engaging
Engaging Students to Learn During Lectures and Demos
Establishing Your Teacher Presence
Every Minute Counts
Five-Minute Check-in
Flipping the Classroom
Focusing on Process
Food for Thought: Novices and Experts
Forward-Looking Assessment
General Guidelines for Successful Groupwork
Get All Students Invovled in Class Discussions
Getting Students Buy-in On Participation Grades
Getting Students to Class: Improving Timely Attendance
Grand Central Station for Teaching Resources
Handling Absences
Handling Behavioral Issues: Dealing with Conflict in the Classroom
Handling Late Assignments
Handling Plagiarism and Cheating
Help! My Students Can't Speak English
Helping Stressed Out Students
Helping Students (and Ourselves) Make Effective Use of Time
Helping Your Students Build on Knowledge from Week to Week
How Do I Know My Students Are Learning?
How Do You Prepare to Teach?
How to Say Goodbye
"I learn as much from my students as they do from me"
Incorporating and Making the Most of Alternative Activities
Keep the Flow Going with Active Learning
Learning from the Good, Bad, and the Ugly
Learning from Mistakes: Two-Stage Assessment
Learning Snapshots: Quick Takes on Student Understanding
Learning Snapshots: What? Why? How?
Learning Styles
Learning Styles Inventory
Learning Through Transfer
Lectures and Demos Revisited
Lesson Planning: Writing Goals and Objectives
Linking Assignments to Course Outcomes
Listen to Learn
Listening to Students
Looping Back: Strengthening Connections in the Brain
Making & Modeling the Connection Between School & Work
Making Ideas Stick: Part 1
Making Ideas Stick: Part 2
Making Suggestions in a Tactful Way
Managing Peer Feedback to Keep Students on Track
Managing the Fast Pace of Summer
Meaningful and Efficient Feedback: 4 Steps Away
Midpoint: How is it Going?
Mindfulness as a Key in a Budding Creative's Toolbox
Mixing It Up After Midterms
Modeling and Teaching Good Habits
Motivating Students to Up Their Game
Music & Other Strategies to Ease Stress
No Apologies
Plagiarism is Not Always What We Think
Preparing Students for Lifelong Learning
Preparing Students to Learn Twice as Fast in Summer
Preventing Plagiarism and Cheating
Problem Finding as Part of the Creative Process
Purpose, Not Power
Qualities of Great Teachers
Reflection: How Do You Give Feedback?
Responding to Late Students
Reverse Engingeering the "Aha!" Moment
Safe to Learn = Safe to be Oneself
Saving Time & Getting Organized
Setting up a computerized gradebook?
Setting Up for Maximum Success
Setting Up Groups for Maximum Success
Stereotypes: Story Telling Devices and Cultural Missteps
Streamline, Stay on Task, and On Topic
Stress Happens
Striking a Good Balance in Providing Feedback
Stronger Information Integration with Visualization Tools
Summer 2005 Teaching| Setting up for Success
Support Solid Comprehension form the Start
Teaching How to Learn
Teaching to All Students
Teaching to Uncover
Team-Teaching: Staying on Task and Not Stepping On Each Other's Toes
Test Your Assumptions
The Best Defense is a Good Offense: Proactively Meeting Classroom Challenges
The "Change-up" - Re-engaging Students
The Final Stretch
The Last Class: Bridge to What Follows
The Last Day of Class: Providing Closure
Three Approaches to Moving Beyond "I like it; it's cool."
Time Management for Teachers
Time-saving Ideas for Grading & Feedback
Too Many Grammer Errors
Turn it Over: Giving Students More Responsiblity
Two Heads: Better Than One
Unpacking the Superball of Professional Knowledge
Using Classrom Space Creatively
Using Color in Teaching & Learning
Using KWL for KnoWLedge
Using Metaphors to Teach
Using Tests and Quizzes to Measure Progress
Using Visuals to Enhance Your Teaching
Visual Plagiarism
What is Active Learning?
What Should I Do on the Last Day?
What the Best College Teachers Ask Themselves
What to Let Go Of
Who's Working Harder?
Why would artists want to norm?
Word Wise—Teaching Industry Terminology
Writing Clear Assignments
3 Steps Towards Active Listening