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First Day, Lesson Plans, Assignments, and Last Day

Good teaching begins with good planning. Think of teaching as managing a large project, with many discrete parts,
each leading to explicit goals. These concrete goals—also called learning outcomes—will guide your decisions about
what to do on the first day, what and how you will share information throughout the semester, and most importantly,
what students will do during class to practice and demonstrate their new skills. 

First Day

A successful semester starts with a carefully planned first day.

Lesson Plans

Use lesson plans as step-by-step guides for each class session to motivate students, provide information,
check-in to see who is "getting it," and to allow time for students to practice and apply their new skills.


Students learn best when assignments have clear goals, written instructions and criteria for how they will be evaluated.

  • Sample Assignment with Guidelines [pdf]
  • Assignment Template [Word Doc]
  • Reading Assignments [pdf]
  • Study Guides for Reading Assignments [pdf]
  • Focused Writing Assignments [pdf]


Last Day

The last day of class provides closure and helps students reflect on how your course relates
to their lives as professionals and life-long learners.