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Tips for Working with Students with Disabilities

Students with psychiatric, physical or learning disabilities may require accommodations in the classroom. An accommodation is an adjustment to the learning environment that allows the student access to the same learning as students without disabilities.

The types of accommodations a student requests (note-takers, sign language interpreters, special technology, and more time for tests) can be as varied as the students themselves.

Take note of the following considerations when addressing the needs of students with disabilities.

  • Students with documented disabilities will provide you with a letter of accommodation from AAU Classroom Services on the first day of class. The letter will explain any adjustments that the student requires. The Academy of Art University is required by law to provide the accommodations outlined in the letter.
  • If a student discloses a disability to you but does not have a letter of accommodation, make sure that he or she contacts Classroom Services immediately. You are not required to provide accommodations to students who do not provide you with a letter of accommodation from Classroom Services.
  • Granting accommodations to students should never compromise the integrity of your class. If you have any questions about accommodations or students with disabilities, contact Classroom Services:
  • Take your cues from each student, but err on the side of confidentiality. Some students are very open about their particular disabilities, while others prefer more discretion.
  • Teaching to a variety of learning styles is a sure way to improve learning for students with or without disabilities.