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First Day Questionnaire: Sample Questions

Draw from the list below and add your own questions to create a first day questionnaire that gives you the information about your students. If you are not doing a separate diagnostic activity, be sure to include some questions to help you learn what students already know about the topic. Ideally, the questionnaire should be filled out in class so that you can take it home and begin getting to know your students right away.

Welcome to the class! Please provide the following contact information. Thank You.

Basic demographic/contact information

Course Name and Section Number _______________________________________

Name _______________________________________

What do you want me to call you in class/online? _______________________________________

Phone _______________________________________

Email ________________________________________

Academic background/aspirations

What is your major? _______________________________________

Why did you choose this major? _______________________________________

Circle all that apply: Freshman | Sophomore | Junior | Senior | Second Degree | Graduate

For International students: Do you think you will need ESL support in this class? _______________________________________

What EAP classes have you completed? _______________________________________

What EAP class are you currently taking? _______________________________________

EAP teacher's name _____________________________

Do you have a job this semester? Yes (______ hours/week) No

What other classes are you taking this semester? _______________________________________

What has been your favorite class since you have been at the Academy? _______________________________________

Why? _______________________________________

Did you go to another college before the AAU? _______________________________________

If so, what classes did you take? _______________________________________

Have you ever studied art before? Yes / No Describe your experience. _______________________________________

When did you complete the following courses?

Typography 1 semester: ____________ Grade: ____

Typography 2 semester: ____________ Grade: ____

How do you think you learn best? Briefly describe your learning style and what kinds of classroom or homework activities help you learn best. _______________________________________

Other ideas that may be appropriate for other classes:

  • Take five minutes to sketch the hand of the person sitting next to you.
  • What are your favorite films? Why?
  • Who are your favorite designers? Why?
  • Look at the five posters on the wall and write about which one you think is the best example of good design. Give your reasons.