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Are you a new AAU instructor?

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If you are new to teaching or to the Academy of Art University, you probably have many questions…

  •         What do I do on the first day of class?
  •         How do I take attendance?
  •         How do I keep my students engaged?
  •         What about grading?
  •         Who do I contact about teaching?

AAU provides four services to support all new instructors.

1. New Faculty Orientation

As part of your introduction to the university, all new onsite instructors are required to complete the New Faculty Orientation (an online orientation to AAU) prior to teaching the first class. This can be done at your own pace but should take no more than 3 hours to complete. You will be compensated for your time spent reviewing the material, so please remember to record the time in Workday under "Training." If you find that you are not yet registered or have questions, please send us an email.

2. Training on Teaching Basics - Presemester

It is highly recommended that all new onsite faculty attend either our on-campus or live stream training. You will be introduced to all of the basics of teaching onsite and receive resources such as the Onsite Teaching Basics how-to-guide, and the Teaching Prep Kit.

You can be compensated for attending a training by logging into Workday. If you are unable to attend, the Onsite Teaching Basics guide has essential information to get you started with the very first class session. 

3. 1-on-1 Faculty Coaching (in person)

At the beginning of the semester, all new instructors will receive individual guidance from Faculty Evaluation and Coaching to help get you off to a solid start. 

4. Weekly Teaching Tips Email

You are automatically subscribed to receive teaching tips for your first semester at AAU. These will automatically be delivered to your email inbox every week, so keep an eye on it.

Need additional resources or want to talk things through? Send us an email at or call us at 415.618.3855.