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Help for Students

help for students

Academy Resource Center (ARC)

The Academy Resource Center (ARC) offers a variety of support services to help students succeed in their studies. Even if your students are not struggling in class, encourage them to take full advantage of these services to strive for excellence.

The University has published updated information for the Academy Resource Center (ARC) for Summer 2020. Download a list of resources and contact information here.



I'm concerned about one of my students, what should I do?


Refer students to ARC immediately if they are struggling academically or falling behind due to:

  • Weak content knowledge, class participation, or study skills
  • Absences or difficulty with time management
  • Limited English or writing skills
  • Non-academic, personal challenges
  • Barriers related to a disability

Before making a referral, communicate your concerns to your student in a supportive manner and explain that ARC is a helpful resource. An ARC staff member will reach out to the student directly to offer relevant support. Be sure to follow up with your student and/or with ARC to find out about the action plan.

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The ARC provides a variety of support services to help students succeed in their studies on campus and online. Follow the links below to see more details.

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An English for Art Purposes (EAP) support instructor may be assigned to your class to provide English language support for your international students. View the EAP Agreement Form and visit their website for support request forms & policies in the links below.

Forms & Information

Do you have an EAP Language Support Instructor in your class? Make sure to go over the EAP Agreement Form with him / her at the beginning of the semester.

View EAP Agreement Form

Visit EAP Support's website to access support request forms for both Onsite and Online classes. You can also review the EAP Support Policy there. 

Visit EAP Support Website 

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If you have a student with disabilities in your class who has presented you with an accommodation letter, you are responsible for ensuring them equal access to AAU curriculum, programs, and facilities. Read the FAQ below and get in touch with Classroom Services if you have any questions.

Resources and Contact Information

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Instructors are responsible for maintaining a positive and productive learning environment. See the documents below for procedure and guidelines on how to handle difficult or challenging student behavior in the classroom.